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    Learn About Top Colleges - Try a Podcast

    What's a great way to unwind and learn something new at the same time? Listen to a podcast while on your daily walk!

    The admissions process can be stressful at times, but having an expert by your side can help to alleviate some of the pressure.  You can have many experts at your disposal for free when you hunt around the internet for podcasts on the college admissions process.  There are a surprising number of admissions experts sharing their wisdom across various podcasts.  I've listed some of our favorites below.  Listen, be entertained, and learn something new.

    Podcasts are informative and can be great resources on all aspects of the admissions process. Many are actually enjoyable - you might even get a laugh out of them!  Try the podcast on NPR's This American Life called How I Got Into College.  

    The podcast is recorded by Ira Glass, creator and host of This American Life, the most frequently downloaded of all NPR podcasters.  How I Got Into College is divided into four sections:  a prologue and three "acts." Each "act" can stand on its own in terms of content, although together, the four acts weave a complex narrative which reflects on the topic from several vantage points.

    It is well-done, entertaining, and it offers a contrarian viewpoint on the sometime capriciousness of the college admissions process.  Yes, it's entertaining!

    Hooked on podcasts?  We've compiled a list of some of our favorites for you.  Happy listening!

    - The College Admissions Game, a podcast of National Public Radio in the United States, looks at the process from a different perspective.
    Interested in applying to UK universities, or even to Oxford?  Here, Oxford's Director of Undergraduate Admissions chats about their process.

    - Taming the High Cost of College offers helpful information on financing college costs, but also on all aspects of the admissions process.
    Offered by the state of Oregon, although not specific to the state, these podcasts offer useful information covering over 25 topics related to college admissions.

    - Mytonomy offers podcasts and videos worth exploring about both admissions and careers.  

    - Visit Road Trip Nation, which offers 3500 videos of professionals, how they found their careers and what they think it takes to be successful.  Great for investigating future paths if you need to choose a course in the UK or are thinking about college majors in the US.

    - The American School Counselors' Association offers an informative and unbiased podcast.

    - The College Bound Chronicles offers advice from a parents’ perspective, with thoughtful interviews

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